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Orlando Direct Mailing Company
Reliable Digital Print Services
Dependable Fulfillment Services Provider
Four-Color Variable Image Print On Demand - From post cards to newsletters, short-run, print on demand brochures, stationery, letterhead, four-color process or black & white, we have the digital production press and software that will do the job. We can vary four-color images from form-to-form on the fly!

Direct Mail Services - From 5 thousand to 5 million, we process your job from start to finish, including all the necessary data work, laser personalization, ink-jetting, folding, insertion and delivery to the Post Office.

Fulfillment Services - Whether it's daily fulfillment of transactional documents or international shipping of actual merchandise, we have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to handle any volume necessary.
FingerPrintz variable color imaging orlando florida
Four-Color Variable Image Print On Demand
Our patented FingerPrintz process allows changes in text, 4-color images, graphs, charts,
etc. so your printed piece matches interest of each individual recipient.
Higher response rates = Higher Return on Investment !
Save Money By Printing Only What You Need
Businesses will spend $4 in shipping, warehousing & discarding obsolete material for every $1 spent in actual printing costs. Save thousands by only printing what you need for today's job.
Print letterhead or brochures at the same time we address the mail. Even personalize the sales material for better response !
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4-color variable imaging
4-color digital print-on-demand
B&W laser variable personalization
Pick & Pack fulfillment projects
Procure, manage and compile mailing list
Club membership file administration
Fulfillment of reservations/confirmations
High-speed inkjet & in-line tabbing
Trim/Score/Fold with in-line spot glue
Tradeshow fulfillment (inc. goody bags)
Data processing/custom programming
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