Mailing List Services

Selecting the Right Mailing List

If you want to send a direct mail campaign to new prospects, you can define your own targeted mailing lists based on your budget and desired audience. Targeted lists are proven to increase response rates.

We can sort your list by age, gender, household demographics, income, geographic locations, purchase history, subscriptions, and many other factors you select to help with your direct mail response rate. You can also choose from lists for Business, Consumers, New Homeowners, Specialty Lists and more.

List Maintenance

We build and maintain your list of names in a safe and secure environment. We will also make sure that every detail throughout the process is correct to give you the most effective mailing list possible.

 We Use Address Management Products from the USPS

 By processing your list to meet USPS regulations for address standardization, your direct mailing can qualify for the lowest possible postage rates. We can also presort by Zip Codes to save on postage costs.

AEC – Address Element Correction – corrects address elements for a standardized address.

CASS – Coding Accuracy Support System – address-matching software that evaluates accuracy.

DPV -Delivery Point Validation – process that confirms the existence of a specific address.

NCOALink – Provides updated and accurate addresses for individuals, families, and businesses.

PAVE – Presort Accuracy Validation and Evaluation – the certified software for bulk mail presort.

 Other Services

 Gender Coding – To identify if the name in your record is male, female or ambiguous.

Bar or Key Coding – For list identification or response tracking.

Merge/Purge – Identify and eliminate duplicate records by merging two or more files.

Upper/ Lower Case Conversion – To change an ALL CAPS address back to mixed case lettering.

Zip Code Correction – Search to verify or add missing zip codes and postal codes.

Remove Any Unwanted Addresses – List Suppression


Colleges and Universities

Deceased Persons

Do Not Mail List


Nursing Homes

Retirement Homes

State and Federal Prisons

 An accurate mailing list is the best way to reach new customers. Bad addresses, duplicate listings or missing information can cause a postal delay or returned mail. Our Mail List Selection and Data Cleansing Services will make sure that your mailing list is clean and ready to go.

 We have over 30 years of experience with Mailing List Services to assist you in developing a successful direct mail campaign. If you have any questions or you would like a free mailing list quote, please contact Millennium Marketing Group at 407-998-1100.