Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a form of on-demand digital printing from computer databases where you have the ability to change or modify the text, graphics or photo images on each separate marketing or informational document, during the laser printing process. Each sheet of paper that is printed can contain a unique picture or information, one right after the other without slowing down the printing process. This allows you to create one-to-one messages that are personalized to each recipient.  It is also a great tool for target marketing campaigns.

You can use Variable Data Printing on brochures, contracts, coupons, invoices, marketing items, newsletters, postcards, training materials or any printed piece. Your choices are endless.

VDP is used by many different companies for marketing, financial, informational, and educational purposes. Perhaps you can think of ways that your company can use VDP to create relevant and personalized documents, to help you stay ahead of the game.

Advantages of VDP in Marketing

  1. Adjust the Mailing List Data– Variable data printing allows you to create custom copy and information to grab people’s attention. Adjust the information on your direct mail campaign based on demographics, zip code, age, marital status, apartment or a house, or any other information you have available. Your customized information will be put together to form a unique marketing piece for each person.
  2. Increase Your Response Rate – Personalized marketing campaigns will greatly increase your customer response rates by as much as 500%. This will also Decrease your Cost per response.
  3. Increase Return On Investment – By having the ability to change pictures, text and graphics on-the-fly for each record on your mailing list, making each piece relevant and personal.
  4. Use Different Colors, Fonts, Graphics or Photos – The variety to attract attention is unlimited.
  5. Include Images, Graphs and Maps – You can change up your images and maps using variable data printing. Show exactly where your store is compared to their location. Or show custom images based on that specific person’s demographic. Making sure you are sending the right message to each recipient at the right time.
  6. Segment Multiple Locations – If you have multiple companies or office locations, you can customize the print by adjusting the address or telephone numbers and graphics or any other information for each specific customer, all in the same print run.
  7. Reach People Interested in Your Products or Services – You can use information to target market to your customers by their specific interests such as fashion, sports, pets, travel, or dining and entertainment choices.
  8. Tracking Your Responses – By using specific information, you can track your response rates.

We have over 22 years of experience with Variable Data Printing to assist you in developing a successful marketing campaign with our VDP services. To learn more about VDP, please contact Millennium Marketing Group at 407-998-1100.