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Data Processing and Custom Programming Services

Data processing and computer programming services are the key to good business development. At Millennium Marketing Group, we use these services to produce high quality direct mail marketing pieces, and invoice and statement processing. We also create, print and mail a variety of business advertisements, documents and correspondence for our customers.

Computer Programming

Computer programming is the process of developing and implementing special instructions to enable a computer to handle specific tasks. Data conversion and custom programming are completed for complex variable configurations, document composition and numerous customized forms. These are usually requested as practical solutions to challenging projects with variable data printing and imaging.

You can use custom programming for advertisements, business forms, catalogs, contracts, invoices, statements or any other correspondence you may need. The choices for personalized documents are virtually limitless.

Data Processing and Programmer Functions

  • Design and develop customized automated processes and applications to produce effective and quality data communications using programming logic according to the customer’s project concepts and requirements.
  • Import and integrate data into variable templates and process, organize and manipulate text and images, arranging, sorting or combining data in desired fields, structured sequence or in single or multiple sets.
  • Provide technical assistance for program functions using Variable Data software.
  • Database analysis, testing, troubleshooting, data maintenance and management as needed.
  • Validate and clean marketing or informational lists or other applications and communications, making sure that data elements used in personalization appear correctly when printed.
  • Digital workflow to create electronic and paper document proofs for customer review and approval.
  • Create requested business, consumer or residential name and address lists using predetermined criterion.
  • Enhancements to lists with merge/purge and upper/lower casing and USPS address standardization, zip code corrections, postal presort, intelligent bar coding, or geocoding. All verify delivery and provide for postal discounts, eliminating multiple offers to same address, and that your mail is delivered right.
  • Data appends such as demographics, lifestyle, geographic regions, phone, and e-mail.
  • Encryption of files for secure transfer by either input or output of data.
  • Safe data storage of archiving data files at both on-site and off-site locations.
  • Generate reports on data as requested for details or a summary of the information.

Added Personalization

  • Enter salutations if needed.
  • Create and place variable images and text in desired fields.
  • Include maps and directions where possible.
  • Inserting QR codes.
  • Add personalized URLs.

 At Millennium Marketing Group, we have the equipment and the data expertise to offer a wide range of data processing and computer programming services to enhance your mailing lists, and segment your data for variable data printing purposes. We will also process your files using the various address and presort software to give you the best postal rates, and we constantly review our quality levels to give you the most reliable service. We always make sure that your data is accurate, up-to-date and in compliance with postal regulations.

If you have questions about data processing and computer programming services, or how we can help your business, please call Millennium Marketing Group at 407-998-1100.