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Creative Ways to Use Variable Data

Research has shown that you can improve both the response rate and response time of your mail pieces by 33% just by personalizing the message of your marketing piece. The more relevant a piece of mail is to a potential customer, the greater the chance they will read it and respond.

In a recent survey conducted by InfoTrends Inc., 61% of marketers indicated that today’s marketing should be “relevant and personal” with the message being targeted “one to one” or “one to a few”.

Variable data printing (VDP) combines a print file with other data unique to every customer’s information that you have collected and stored in your company’s database. Using variable data printing software, you can place any images, graphics or text data that you want to use for your project on each document, making them customized and personal for each recipient, and all within the same print run.

Types of Variable Printing

  1. Personalized Printing – Involves mail merging by changing the name, address and greeting on individual pieces to make them tailored to the recipient.
  1. Version Printing- Where you have various messages with images and text being different for groups based on which segment of the market is being addressed.
  1. Customized Printing- Targets an individual’s specific interests, with more detailing of what will be included and where the images and text are placed for each individual addressee.

The potential for variable data printing is limited only by your imagination. Consider the possibilities of being able to design customized messages for each recipient, based on their age, gender, buying habits, specific interests, location, or other demographic. You can also add or change other valuable information.

Use Variable Data On:

  • Catalogs
  • Correspondence
  • Marketing Pieces
  • Contracts and Policies
  • Invoices and Statements

Some Variable Ideas

  • Add a map with directions to your location.
  • Use graphics or photos on the envelope.
  • Provide useful information to your customers.
  • Segment by industry to highlight their special needs.
  • Include QR codes or Personal URLs to your web page.

Benefits from Variable Data Printing

  • Boost Return on Investment
  • Draw More Customer Interest
  • Improve Response Rate
  • Increase in Sales
  • Personalize to Your Audience

We have years of experience with variable data printing, variable data coding, randomization, and more. We work with many different companies and formats to provide variable data that our customers demand.

Millennium Marketing Group is a qualified print service provider. We have the right equipment and the best experience to create an effective marketing plan or other project using Variable Data Printing. Please call us today at 407-998-1100 to learn more about how we can help you.