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How to Track Your Direct Mail Advertising Response

First, let’s determine what you are trying to accomplish with your direct mail campaign. Knowing what you want to say will help you decide how to track your responses. In many cases you can combine a few of these advertising ideas together for better results:

What Are You Trying to Accomplish?

  • Announce a Sale
  • Build Your Brand
  • Develop New Customer Leads.
  • Drive Traffic to Your Location or Website.
  • Sell or Promote Your Products and Services.
  • Strengthen Existing Customer Relationships.
  • Test Various Offers.

Then consider adding some of these direct marketing tools and contact elements to your direct mail piece, so that you will be able to track your sales:

Tools to Measure and Track Your Results

  • Contest Entry Forms or Surveys.
  • Coupons or Special Offer Codes.
  • Bar Codes, Key and Source Codes.
  • Reply Cards or Registered by Email.
  • Special Telephone Number to Call.
  • Counting the Products or Services Purchased.
  • Track Sales by Demographics such as Zip Code.
  • QR Codes, PURLs or Links to a Landing Page or Website Page.
  • Ask Customers How They Heard of You or the Specific Promotional Offer.

When designing your direct mail campaign, it’s important to add the right tracking tools to measure your response rates. These tools will help you determine what elements of your campaign were successful.  Collect the information as to who is responding and who is buying based on your direct mail campaign. You also need to compare the buyers from the non‐buyers to help with future marketing efforts. If you track and analyze properly you will know if the direct mail piece successfully hits your target audience. You will also know how much your campaign cost compared to the amount of sales, which will give you the most important information for your bottom line, your return on investment (ROI).

How to Improve Your Direct Mail Results

Mailing out multiple campaigns is a good idea to improve your response rate. Test and compare results from various marketing campaigns. Mailing to a different audience or changing out wording, colors, fonts or other variables to help you decide what’s working and what’s not and adjust your strategy accordingly. Also, potential customers need to be reminded about your company a few times before they respond, so your response rate should increase after a few mail campaigns. Direct mail advertising will have long-term effects as well, by strengthening your brand, helping build customer loyalty and lifetime valued customer relationships.

With the right mailing list, a creative mail piece design, a tempting offer and professional printing, finishing and delivery services, you will have an effective direct mail campaign. If you want to increase your sales, build relationships, keep existing customers happy and gain new customers, direct mail advertising is a great marketing choice to help you achieve your goals.

If you have any questions about tracking your Direct Mail response rates, or to learn more about our Direct Marketing Support Services, please call Millennium Marketing Group at 407-998-1100.