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What’s a Lettershop?

The Cambridge Dictionaries Online defines a Lettershop as: “A company that is paid by other companies to send letters and advertisements to large numbers of people.”  That means that a Lettershop should be able to handle all the details relating to preparing and mailing out direct marketing pieces or other mail items to a requested audience.  A Lettershop can start the process by printing the mail piece or we’ll take your preprinted items and prepare them for mailing and presorting and then deliver it all to the post office.

Millennium Marketing Group is More than a Lettershop. We are your complete Digital Printing, Direct Mail Marketing and Fulfillment Services resource. We offer all the Direct Marketing Support Services necessary to make your Direct Mail Campaign or your other mailing requirements, a total success. We’ll also give you helpful advice with your direct marketing strategy and with the production of your marketing pieces or other mail items. We also want to hear what our customers have to say, since their comments are important to our relationship.

You want to trust your Direct Mail Campaign to an experienced and professional company that understands the direct mail marketing business.

Here is our promise to you… We will:

  • Exceed all your expectations and provide you with the utmost in customer service and care.
  • Perform data segmentation and manipulation for your mailing lists according to your specific requests.
  • Provide you with the best print and direct mail advice for printing, mailing and for postage optimization.
  • Follow your special instructions for complex direct mail campaigns or for any fulfillment requirements.
  • Maintain open communication channels with our customers to always ensure a smooth flow of operation.
  • Deliver the highest quality products for your direct mail advertising jobs, on budget and on schedule.
  • Manage your direct mail campaigns from inception to roll-out to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Along with Digital Printing, we also offer a variety of Lettershop and Fulfillment Services such as:

  • Barcoding
  • Folding
  • InkJet Addressing
  • Inserting
  • Kitting and Assembling
  • Labeling
  • Mail Presorting
  • Metering and Stamping
  • Poly Bagging
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Tabbing
  • Variable Data Printing

We’ll handle all of the above and more and make sure that your direct mail pieces are properly prepared, sorted, and then delivered to the USPS on schedule and at the lowest postal rates available. Whether you have a one-time mailing or continuous scheduled mailings, we print and process direct mail advertising and handle mailing services on a daily basis, so we know exactly how to get all these projects done on time and within your budget.

With over 30 years of printing and processing direct mail, our dedicated staff can help you produce the perfect marketing products to send to your customers. Contact Millennium Marketing Group at 407-998-1100.

9 Tips on Designing the Right Direct Mail Piece

Direct mail advertising is still one of the best ways to draw attention to your company and reach both existing and potential customers.  Here are 9 tips to help you create an effective direct mail piece:

  1. Mail Piece Design -The wrong mail piece design and size can drive the price of postage higher, so first check with your printer on how to save on postage. Also, make sure the advertising piece looks very professional. If you are unsure about the quality or creativity of your piece, consult someone experienced in direct marketing or a graphic designer. They can help you with the whole mail piece or review your design and make recommendations for a more visually appealing and effective mail piece.
  1. Make it Personal – Use Variable Data Printing to customize and personalize your mailing to make each customer feel extra special. By inserting the customer’s name and other pertinent information in the message they will think you’re talking directly to them, and will be more likely to respond. Personalize your Variable Data Printing campaign as much as your marketing budget will allow with messages, offers, graphics and/or photography. It will pay off in the long run.
  1. Give Your Company an Identity – Prominently display your logo as often as you can. Also strengthen your brand and add value to the mail piece by including information about your company and the products and services you sell. You want everyone to always remember your company, so be consistent in using the same color scheme and fonts in all your messages. Most importantly, don’t forget to include all your contact information, such as your address, telephone numbers, email address and website.
  1. Headline and Body Text – You’ve heard the expression less is more, so keep your message brief and to the point. Start with an intriguing headline to draw attention. Next, there should be some type of incentive in the body text, such as a special offer or a great deal to build interest. Tell your customer about the benefits and make it a compelling offer to create desire. Don’t forget to repeat the offer. Last thing you want to do is the “Call to Action”. Tell them what they need to do and tell them when to do it. Usually an immediate request to your audience such as: call now, email us, click on our website, or come on in. Whatever you ask of them, be specific and make sure you give them a time limit or deadline to respond.
  1. Typography – Do not use more than 3 different typefaces. One for the Headline and one for the body text and possibly one more. The fonts you select should be consistent with your brand. The font styles and sizes should be easy to read and coordinate with the graphics, images and background. The best point size for body text is 10–12 point. Note: point size can vary in different font styles, so test them first.
  1. Colors and Paper – Use the Pantone Matching System for your colors. Pick a color scheme that is directed to your audience and that is consistent with your brand. Also, coordinate the colors of your images with the text and background for a pleasing visual combination. The right paper stock will make a difference too. When in doubt as to which colors or paper stock are best to use, consult a professional.
  1. Photos and Images – Photos and images should be of high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) and large enough to fit within the selected space. If you’re not sure ask your printing company to check the quality before printing. Don’t forget to use graphics that support your brand image, including photos of your company and employees. Remember, the images and graphics used should tie in with your overall message. 
  1. Direct Mail Could Use a Companion -The secret to a higher response rate is to create a multichannel marketing strategy, so combine your direct mail marketing with social media and e-mail marketing. Your direct mail piece should invite consumers to opt-in to your e-mail list, follow you on social media or click on your website. Once you create this mix, you will have several ways to reach your customers.
  1. Consider Multiple Campaigns – Research shows that a single mailing is not the most effective marketing campaign. If you plan to send out several direct mailings, you will achieve a much better response rate. Also, don’t be afraid to change each direct mail piece or send it to a different audience to test its return on investment (ROI). 

If you have any questions or need more ideas on how to design the right direct mail piece, please contact Millennium Marketing Group at 407-998-1100.

Mailing List Services

Selecting the Right Mailing List

If you want to send a direct mail campaign to new prospects, you can define your own targeted mailing lists based on your budget and desired audience. Targeted lists are proven to increase response rates.

We can sort your list by age, gender, household demographics, income, geographic locations, purchase history, subscriptions, and many other factors you select to help with your direct mail response rate. You can also choose from lists for Business, Consumers, New Homeowners, Specialty Lists and more.

List Maintenance

We build and maintain your list of names in a safe and secure environment. We will also make sure that every detail throughout the process is correct to give you the most effective mailing list possible.

 We Use Address Management Products from the USPS

 By processing your list to meet USPS regulations for address standardization, your direct mailing can qualify for the lowest possible postage rates. We can also presort by Zip Codes to save on postage costs.

AEC – Address Element Correction – corrects address elements for a standardized address.

CASS – Coding Accuracy Support System – address-matching software that evaluates accuracy.

DPV -Delivery Point Validation – process that confirms the existence of a specific address.

NCOALink – Provides updated and accurate addresses for individuals, families, and businesses.

PAVE – Presort Accuracy Validation and Evaluation – the certified software for bulk mail presort.

 Other Services

 Gender Coding – To identify if the name in your record is male, female or ambiguous.

Bar or Key Coding – For list identification or response tracking.

Merge/Purge – Identify and eliminate duplicate records by merging two or more files.

Upper/ Lower Case Conversion – To change an ALL CAPS address back to mixed case lettering.

Zip Code Correction – Search to verify or add missing zip codes and postal codes.

Remove Any Unwanted Addresses – List Suppression


Colleges and Universities

Deceased Persons

Do Not Mail List


Nursing Homes

Retirement Homes

State and Federal Prisons

 An accurate mailing list is the best way to reach new customers. Bad addresses, duplicate listings or missing information can cause a postal delay or returned mail. Our Mail List Selection and Data Cleansing Services will make sure that your mailing list is clean and ready to go.

 We have over 30 years of experience with Mailing List Services to assist you in developing a successful direct mail campaign. If you have any questions or you would like a free mailing list quote, please contact Millennium Marketing Group at 407-998-1100.