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The Benefits of Outsourcing Print and Mail Services

Companies are always looking for better ways to handle business. They want to improve administrative and operational functions so that they can focus on the real business at hand.  There is a growing trend in the business world to consider the outsourcing of necessary responsibilities to professionals who specialize in those services.  Print and Mail Services are two such services.  Organizations of all sizes have to decide how to print, finish, distribute and mail documents such as direct marketing pieces, invoices, statements, newsletters (or anything in print) in the most cost effective way.  If they can lower labor and operational expenses, the money saved can be used for core business needs.

Reasons to Trust Your Printing and Mailing Services to a Professional

  • You can save up to 30 percent on costs related to printing documents.

Improve on your printing options by choosing digital printing for faster print projects or variable digital printing using information from a database to give you more customized documents.

Higher volume processing can reduce transaction and operation costs and lower printing costs.

An experienced printer will complete the job more quickly and more efficiently.

Streamline the print process and only print what you need, reducing any waste.

A professional printer will provide finishing services such as collating, trimming, binding, folding and inserting.

  • Speed up processing and improve your service levels.

Reduced staffing requirements or free them up for more important duties.  Why have your employees taking up valuable time printing, folding, inserting, and stamping when you can leave that work to an expert.

Focus on customer service and improve productivity in what your company does best.

  • Lower equipment costs

Savings on Ink, toner, not to mention the maintenance of the printers, postage meter, and other items.

Eliminates the need for most printing, finishing and mailing equipment and software, which are very expensive.

  • Better document mailings

Reduced mailing prices through volume postal discounts.

Mailings will be delivered to the USPS at the best possible postage rates while meeting all USPS guidelines.

Data cleansing services can eliminate duplicate mailings or mailing to the wrong address.

  • Help your company support “Going Green”

Reduce energy and paper waste. Digital print allows you to print only what you need, when you need it.

  • Better design flexibility in creating quality documents

Get design advice from the experts to save you time and maximize the effectiveness of your messages.

  •  A Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

To continue critical business functions without interruption of service.

To secure copies of finished jobs and pertinent records.

Make sure you associate with a company who will always look for new ways to improve services, productivity and save you money, without sacrificing quality.  Their skills and resources should help your company thrive.

If you would like more information about how outsourcing your print and mail services could save you time and money and improve your operation, please call Millennium Marketing Group at 407-998-1100.

What is Total Marketing Fulfillment?

Have you ever heard the term Total Marketing Fulfillment?  Well let’s break it down:

The word Total is something complete.

Marketing is the process of promoting or advertising, selling, and distributing of products or services from inception to the customer receiving something of value.

Fulfillment is the method or business of handling and executing customer orders, usually involving warehousing, packing, shipping and delivering something to the customer. Fulfillment can also mean feeling happy or satisfied.

Put the three words together and you will have completely informed and satisfied customers. That will definitely increase sales and make you happy.  Our various Fulfillment Services can assist you with your marketing strategy. So consider us to become part of your marketing supply chain.

Convention and Trade Show Fulfillment

We can house your material and make sure it arrives at the show location when and where you need it.  At your command we’ll assemble and ship your trade show media kits, giveaways and goodie bags. We can even print on demand any posters, banners, signs, tent cards, marketing or point-of-sale material and ship them right to the convention or event place. Also, our company is flexible in meeting emergency, unexpected or unusual requests if needed.  We will always give you reliable logistics customer service.

Document Fulfillment

New member enrollment kits, loyalty program development, reservation confirmations, monthly, quarterly or annual reports or statements, and customer requests for brochures or information, we’ve got all the bases covered. Your document fulfillment project is in good hands with Millennium Marketing Group.

 Literature/Print Fulfillment

 We have a proven reputation for our ability to print, store, collate, package and mail or distribute any type or quantity of literature for educational, informational or sales and marketing purposes.  From your direct mail campaigns, catalogs, coupons, or anything in print that you need, let Millennium Marketing Group be your one-stop solutions provider. You name it, we can produce it and ship it on demand.

Product and Merchandise Fulfillment

From kitting and assembly, to pick and pack projects, to sending boxes or pallets of product or merchandise to desired locations, we have the knowledge, experience and connections to accurately and professionally create and pack and ship your goods when you need it done, on time, every time.

Retail Point-of Sale Fulfillment

Need an immediate reliable distribution center for displays, signs, promotional items, tents, coolers, clothing or any other products that are used to kick-off your retail sales campaigns.  We can warehouse and ship these items directly to the stores or other locations at your request. Consider us as an extension of your company. As your business grows, we’ll be there for you.

Fulfillment Partners, Inc. – Millennium Marketing Group is a leader in Digital Printing, Direct Mail Advertising, Marketing and Fulfillment Services.  We are deeply committed to helping your customers identify with your products and services.  With over 30 years of experience, our team can provide you with the best possible service and help you achieve Total Marketing Fulfillment.

May 31, 2015 USPS Postage Increase Analysis

Yes, it’s that time of year again. In fact, it’s past time.

Postage increases usually occur in January of each year. This year, the Postal Regulatory Commission denied the USPS’s original price increase scheduled to go in to effect in January, citing gross errors in the USPS’s computational methods used to derive the increased amounts. So, the USPS corrected their errors, and, resubmitted the request, and, the request was subsequently approved and went in to effect on May 31, 2015.

Overall, the total average increase looks to be a modest 3.2%. However, non-machinable mail, in particular, flats saw the greatest increase with non-profits being hit the hardest.

Below, you will find the line-by-line increase comparisons of this year versus last year:

Postage Analysis – Increase 5/31/2015
2014 5/31/2015
 Price  Price Chng % Chng
First Class – Sngl Pc (1 oz or less) STAMP $0.490 $0.490 $0.000 0.0000%
1.1 to 2 oz $0.700 $0.710 $0.010 1.4286%
2.1 to 3 oz $0.910 $0.930 $0.020 2.1978%
3.1 to 3.5 oz $1.120 $1.150 $0.030 2.6786%
First Class – Sngl Pc (1 oz or less) METER $0.480 $0.485 $0.005 1.0417%
1.1 to 2 oz $0.690 $0.705 $0.015 2.1739%
2.1 to 3 oz $0.900 $0.925 $0.025 2.7778%
3.1 to 3.5 oz $1.110 $1.145 $0.035 3.1532%
Presorted 1st Class Cards (Auto)
5-Digit $0.251 $0.260 $0.009 3.5857%
3-Digit $0.265 $0.275 $0.010 3.7736%
AADC $0.265 $0.275 $0.010 3.7736%
Mixed AADC $0.278 $0.284 $0.006 2.1583%
Prsrted 1st Class Letters (Auto) (1 – 2 -oz)
5-Digit $0.381 $0.391 $0.010 2.6247%
3-Digit $0.406 $0.416 $0.010 2.4631%
AADC $0.406 $0.416 $0.010 2.4631%
Mixed AADC $0.435 $0.439 $0.004 0.9195%
Prsrted 1st Class Flats (Auto) (1-oz)
5-Digit $0.451 $0.470 $0.019 4.2129%
3-Digit $0.634 $0.662 $0.028 4.4164%
AADC $0.691 $0.702 $0.011 1.5919%
Mixed AADC $0.782 $0.782 $0.000 0.0000%
Std Mail Reg – Letters (Auto)
5-Digit Scheme $0.261 $0.266 $0.005 1.9157%
3-Digit Scheme $0.279 $0.283 $0.004 1.4337%
AADC $0.279 $0.283 $0.004 1.4337%
Mixed AADC $0.301 $0.304 $0.003 0.9967%
Std Mail Reg – Letters (Non-Mach)
5-Digit $0.452 $0.491 $0.039 8.6283%
3-Digit $0.545 $0.580 $0.035 6.4220%
AADC $0.576 $0.606 $0.030 5.2083%
Mixed AADC $0.664 $0.675 $0.011 1.6566%
Std Mail Non-Profit – Letters (Auto)
5-Digit Scheme $0.143 $0.147 $0.004 2.7972%
3-Digit Scheme $0.161 $0.164 $0.003 1.8634%
AADC $0.161 $0.164 $0.003 1.8634%
Mixed AADC $0.183 $0.185 $0.002 1.0929%
Std Mail Non-Profit – Letters (Non-Auto)
5-Digit $0.334 $0.372 $0.038 11.3772%
3-Digit $0.427 $0.461 $0.034 7.9625%
AADC $0.458 $0.487 $0.029 6.3319%
Mixed AADC $0.546 $0.556 $0.010 1.8315%
Std Mail Reg – Flats (Auto)
New Category – FSS Scheme Pallet/Cont $0.313
New Category – FSS Other Pallet/Cont $0.346
5-Digit Scheme $0.386 $0.392 $0.006 1.5544%
3-Digit Scheme $0.472 $0.479 $0.007 1.4831%
AADC $0.524 $0.536 $0.012 2.2901%
Mixed AADC $0.553 $0.569 $0.016 2.8933%
Std Mail Reg – Flats (Non-Auto)
New Category – FSS Scheme Pallet/Cont $0.423
New Category – FSS Other Pallet/Cont $0.427
5-Digit $0.429 $0.444 $0.015 3.4965%
3-Digit $0.497 $0.507 $0.010 2.0121%
AADC $0.551 $0.562 $0.011 1.9964%
Mixed AADC $0.602 $0.610 $0.008 1.3289%
Std Mail Non-Profit – Flats (Auto)
New Category – FSS Scheme Pallet/Cont $0.171
New Category – FSS Other Pallet/Cont $0.203
5-Digit Scheme $0.237 $0.249 $0.012 5.0633%
3-Digit Scheme $0.323 $0.336 $0.013 4.0248%
AADC $0.375 $0.393 $0.018 4.8000%
Mixed AADC $0.404 $0.426 $0.022 5.4455%
Std Mail Non-Profit – Flats (Non-Auto)
New Category – FSS Scheme Pallet/Cont $0.279
New Category – FSS Other Pallet/Cont $0.282
5-Digit $0.278 $0.299 $0.021 7.5540%
3-Digit $0.346 $0.362 $0.016 4.6243%
AADC $0.400 $0.417 $0.017 4.2500%
Mixed AADC $0.451 $0.465 $0.014 3.1042%