Monthly Archives: January 2010

We just keep Growing….and Growing…..and Growing……..

Today, we just added our 11th digital production press. Out 3rd Xerox DocuColor printer. This one, called the “8002” is the latest and most technologically advanced 80 page per minute digital color production press available today. It’s new chemically-produced toner eliminates the usual shiny or glossy look that typically comes from digital color printers. The finish on this printer makes it very hard to tell if the image was digitally produced, or, off-set printed.

The new Xerox 8002 also comes with a new enhancement called the “ACQS” (Automated Color Quality System). This new advancement uses an in-line spectrophotometer to compare each image being produced to the original image. If it finds any variation in color, it re-adjusts the CMYK percentages, on the fly,  to compensate for the variance.  This insures exact color accuracy from the 1st print to the last, regardless of print quantity.