Monthly Archives: December 2008

Cards are Hot! Discount, Gift, Loyalty or Membership Cards

Consumers Like Cards !!!!!

We’ve noticed a significant increase in the number and quantity of mail pieces that we are generating that includes a plastic, credit-card-sized promotional card. There are several ways to produce this effect, ranging from personalized cards that have to be hand matched and glued to the inside pages of a brochure, to pre-mounted cards that can be lasered with the required information. These cards are called “DocuCards” and can be ordered in virtually any configuration with as little as 1 card on a form to as many as 6 cards to a form.

We also have a card “tip-on” unit that can affix generic cards to mail pieces at a high rate of speed.

The cards are extremely effective as it gives your mail piece a sense of “exclusivity” as well as giving the recipient something to remove from the mail piece and place in their purse or wallet.