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Mail Piece Mortality – “Permanent” Mailers

In a perfect world, highly successful direct mail campaigns all have two things in common: The piece was mailed to the right person, at just the right time. But, this isn’t a perfect world. Good list selection will get your piece to the right person, but, was it at the right time?  It may be that, at the time they received your mailing, they did not need your product or service, or, were happy with the company they are currently using. But, as we all know, things change. The question is, when they become unhappy with their current vendor, or, suddenly develop a need for your product or service, will they remember who you are?


“Permanent” mailers always keep your name and phone number at their fingertips. These mailers contain a mounted magnet on the mail piece that can be variable lasered during the variable imaging process. The magnet is removed from the form and attached to anything metal (refrigerator, tool shed, filing cabinet etc.). We can also perform the same process with a 7-mil plastic card mounted on the lasered form that can be removed from the mailing and inserted into a card holder, wallet or purse. Both of these techniques extend your message well beyond the life of the mail piece. When they are finally ready, they have your information readily available.

Trim, score and fold with in-line spot glue

Fulfillment Partners – Millennium Marketing Group’s vast array of folders and bindery equipment is capable of performing many complicated finishing tasks. Paper can be cut, trimmed, folded, nested, scored or perforated to produce a beautifully finished product. Unlike most print and mail facilities, we have the ability to secure open-end self-mailers during the folding process by laying down tiny spots of glue prior to the mail piece passing through the final pressure roller.

Fulfillment of reservation, confirmations

On a daily basis, Fulfillment Partners – Millennium Marketing Group receives data generated by reservations being made at any one of the area’s largest resorts. Within 24 hours, that information is used to produce and mail a totally personalized confirmation reflecting which resort you are staying at, how many guests, names and ages of each guest, arrival and departure dates, room rates for each night of your stay, special activities booked, and any detailed information about the specific resort, activity, or special needs of any of the guests.

Club membership fulfillment services and file administration

Whether it’s keying membership applications from hand written forms, updating information about a member, changing addresses, or mailing out newsletters and communications, Fulfillment Partners – Millennium Marketing Group has been maintaining club memberships for some of Florida’s largest corporations for over 10 years. Our industry experience and tools allows us to deliver the very best in club membership administration.

Mailing List Procurement, management and compilation services

Strategic alliances with several mailing list vendors allow the list department at Fulfillment Partners – Millennium Marketing Group to acquire the best possible mailing list for your project at the best possible price. Our data entry department can also key and compile lists from applications and entry forms. Our information technology department can scrub, securely store and process all your lists for you.

Mail, design, production, consulting

With a combined knowledge of over 100 years in the direct mail advertising industry, there’s not much that Fulfillment Partners – Millennium Marketing Group hasn’t seen or performed. We know what works. We know what doesn’t. With an insiders’ knowledge of over 500 pages of United States Postal Service rules and regulations, we can help you design your mail pieces to not only get results, but save you postage money at the same time. Once designed, Fulfillment Partners – Millennium Marketing Group also maintains all the necessary automated mail processing equipment to produce your mail as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Pick & Pack Fulfillment Projects

Whether it’s one order at a time or thousands of orders, Fulfillment Partners – Millennium Marketing Group has been performing Pick & Pack fulfillment for over 30 years.

B&W Laser variable personalization

Personalizing your communications always gives you an edge over others who simply print and mail a generic mail piece. At Fulfillment Partners – Millennium Marketing Group, your letters can be personalized throughout the entire text, not just at the salutation line.

4-color digital print on demand

Printing only what you need, when you need it allows your brochures, flyers and sales collateral to always remain current – never obsolete. Using Fulfillment Partners, Inc – Millennium Marketing Group for all your 4-color digital print-on-demand needs not only saves you money, but also lets you “go green” and become eco-friendly by not printing large amounts of material that may become obsolete and thrown away before it is used up.

Laser Printing in Orlando

Fulfillment Partners, Inc. – Millennium Marketing Group has been performing laser printing in the Orlando Area since the introduction of laser printers back in the 1980s. With over 10 high speed laser printers in operation, Fulfillment Partners – Millennium Marketing Group maintains the largest laser printing facility (color as well as black and white) in the Orlando area.